187 unpackaged Honest Company (organic) newborn diapers. they were a diaper cake for my baby shower. 14 unpackaged Parent's Choice newborn diapers. $30 for all $20 for Honest $10 for Parent's Choice
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I have 187 Newborn size diapers from the Honest Company. They are not in a package, they are individually rolled up from being a diaper cake. 14 Newborn size Parent's Choice diapers (not in a package either) $30 for all or $20 for Honest and $10 for Parent's Choice
Miscellaneous newborn baby's needs pack - mini folding changing pad, newborn neck support pillow, two car seat belt strap covers, brand new never-used binki, teething ring, and 44 newborn/size 1 diapers (33 N/11 1's) $10.00 If interested call or text 337-208-1822
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